Listed below are upcoming events in the Manitoba community. Please contact the relevant studio or IYAC / ACYI  directly if you are interested in more information or to register for an event. The websites of the studios and IYAC / ACYI are at the bottom of the page.


January 25th Pause For Paws  Tamarack Yoga


February 23rd-25th Weekend Workshop with Lisa Towson Yoga North


March 8th Shift Through Wisdom Tamarack Yoga


March 16th-18th Four Pillars of Iyengar Yoga Yoga North


March 25th-31st Spring Break Sadhana Tamarack Yoga


April 20th-22nd Weekened Workshop with Louie Ettling Prana Yoga


May 11th-13th Gulnaaz Dashti  Yoga North


June 1st-21st Summer Solstice Sadhana Tamarack Yoga


October 11-14  IYAC / ACYI AGM and Conference Ottawa



IYAC / ACYI  Iyengar Yoga Association of Canada / Association Canadienne de Yoga Iyengar


Prana Yoga Studio


Tamarack Yoga Centre


Yoga North Winnipeg